About Us


As a result of a demand and a need from the grassroots level in order to comply with the EU acquis, we entered into a new formation under HALDER. HALDER, Association of Wholesalers of Istanbul is a modern association founded with the opening of people in the same views and ideas under the name of the opening. Of our 571 companies, 420 are members. Situations which are one of the indispensable formations in the Turkish economy, healthy and accurate prices play a very important role in the calculation and evaluation of inflation. In this sense, the situation acts as a stock market. Our country is the only alternative in which the products grown by the producers are evaluated within an economic structure where 1/3 of the population is engaged in agriculture and the purpose of the establishment is to serve the public. The cases contribute 30-40 million dollars annually to the Turkish economy. As HALDER, we act with the aim of solving the problems of the state and the sector and improving the physical conditions within the society. In line with these objectives, we want to eliminate the loss of imiz fragility andır caused by our profession being left unattended for a long time by working in close relations with municipalities, state management and other NGOs, and we want to make the same conditions with the ones in the European standards. For this purpose, we determine our priorities and produce projects and continue our works with the principle of professionalism.
Directiva Marketing & Consultancy